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For over 25 years Armorpoxy has been supplying large and small corporations, industrial and government agencies with high performance industrial floor coatings. Armorpoxy’s products and services are unmatched in the industry. ArmorPoxy carries innovative floor coatings and other products for lobby's and waiting areas to make purchasing and installation of your residential or commercial project fast and easy. Contact Armorpoxy’s experienced staff to help you choose the correct product for your application and budget.  

Elevate Your Lobby & Waiting Room Area with The Perfect Flooring Solution

Designing Your Lobby Area

Make your lobby area a picture of elegance, where the best first impressions are formed and the best memories are made. 

Whether it is a business building or a personal one, your choice of lobby flooring can improve your overall experience, turning a mundane space into a captivating area. With the best flooring, your lobby space can reflect your brand and personality while withstanding the test of use and foot traffic. 

Flooring solutions like Armorpoxy’s SupraTile Design and Urban Series help you achieve an ambiance of charm and sophistication. 

The SupraTile Design and Urban Series is a modular heat-bonded tile that uses a patented interlocking hidden joint trat and integrates a super heavy-duty clear polyurethane protective layer for improved protection. They provide the high performance needed for thousands of applications. 

The solid PVC polymer construction is quiet and comfortable to walk on. It is seven times thicker than most commonly installed epoxy floors and is perfect for garages, basements, and light commercial applications that see foot traffic.

Using Epoxy Coatings For Lobby & Waiting Room Areas

Imagine a lobby area with seamlessly glistening floors that are inviting and create an alluring experience. This is what using epoxy coating for lobby areas gives.

Lobby epoxy flooring solutions are durable and versatile solutions that are known for their captivating glossy finish. They provide a blank canvas for expressing your unique style with the added benefit of a resilient floor surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic. 

Applying epoxy coatings for lobby areas leaves behind a spill-resistant floor surface that repels all kinds of stains, making it quick to clean up. Epoxy coatings are also durable, so your lobby area can maintain a pristine condition for years, thus reducing maintenance costs. 

Now, you don’t need to worry about scratches or your floor fading with the seamless finish of these durable epoxy flooring for lobbies. They are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your building.


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