Armorclad Add On Kit Up to 300 SQ FT with No Topcoat


ArmorClad is our line of highest grade complete epoxy floor kits. Using our unique 100% solids Adaptive Molecular Technology, which makes ArmorClad bond better than any other epoxy, ArmorClad can be applied to virtually any properly-prepared surface with superb results. Great for garages, but can also be used in kitchens, basements, work spaces, factories… just about anywhere. ArmorClad comes in two versions, with and without the special protective topcoat. We recommend that the topcoat version gets used to protect the decorative chips (no decorative chips are as durable as epoxy, even though ArmorClad uses epoxy chips) and should also be used if you live in an area where winter road salts and chemicals may come in contact with your floor.

Add on kit for 3+ car garages or larger spaces. Kit contains 1.5 gals 100% solids epoxy, 1 qt ArmorEtch, 3 lbs decorative flecks. Covers up to 300 sq ft.

Please note that color beige may yield somewhat less coverage, and that darker shades of concrete, or more porous concrete covered in beige may require a second coat. Red requires an additional coat and comes with a gallon kit of red 2 part epoxy primer and will be charged an additional $99.00

Kits come complete with everything you need.

Lifetime limited warranty.

Call us for large project-type jobs for special pricing.



ArmorClad Epoxy Floor Coating Kits Color Chart



Racing Red
Racing Blue
Desert Tan
Khaki Tan
Designer Gray
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