Armorclad 100% solids epoxy system  FULL BROADCAST (Terrazzo/Granite look) fleck-broadcast type floor installs quickly and easily.   Full broadcast floor systems are superb for hiding floor irregularities and are one of Armorpoxy’s finest, and thickest floor systems.

Ideal for garages, basements, man caves, businesses, stores, covered patios, carports etc. Not designed for direct outdoor sun exposure (contact Armorpoxy for alternative products for outdoor use). Used for years by commercial and military clients, now available in easy kit form for home use. No special skills are require to apply…if you can roll paint on a floor, you can apply Armorclad. Easy to install with minimal prep onto absorbent concrete floors with just power washing and light etch (include in kit).

Available in two sizes and includes TWO coats of clear military-grade 2-part topcoat which is required on a full broadcast as the first coat of topcoat runs into the millions of nooks and crannies created by the overlapping flecks, and the second coat acts as the sealing topcoat: 300 sq ft (one car garage, contains one gal. tinted base coat, 30 lbs of flecks,  1.5 gals 100% solids epoxy,  1.5 gal  clear topcoat) and 600 sq ft (2 car garage, contains 2 gals tinted base coat, 3 gals of 100% solids epoxy, 60 lbs flecks,  3 gals clear topcoat).  Purchase one of each for three car garages. Please note that when installing a full broadcast before you start topcoating, after you have removed the excess flecks it is necessary to use a flat blade floor scraper or similar tool  to scrape or sand down the high spots created by the overlapping flecks, and vacuum well before applying any topcoat, otherwise the floor will be rough and have sharp edges from the flecks. Final mil thickness approximately 25-35 mils.

Armorclad Full Broadcast Kit is available in four fleck color combinations: Black/White/Med Gray (A411X), Black/White/Tan/Brown (A614X), Black/White/Royal Blue (A310X), Black/White/Gray/Orange (A606X). Millions of other fleck combos are available, please see our online Fleck Mixing Tool for ideas. Standard full broadcast fleck mix patterns click here.

Each kit includes prep/etch solution, mixing bucket, drill mixer, mixing stick, cut-in brush, spike shoes, rubber gloves, rollers, squeegee, non skid additive, 2-part primer, 100% solids epoxy, clear topcoat, and  color-coordinated decorative flecks to cover the entire floor in flecks and Armorpoxy Military-grade clear for topcoating with Ultrawear  non skid additive. Flecks are standard 1/4″ blend, 1/8″ blend available, call to order. (Note kit photo is representative of kits, your kit depending on size and such may vary from photo.)


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