ARMORPOXY SPGX is a clear Single Component roll-on, UV-stable, cross-linked Polyurea coating with a high gloss finish. SPGX Single component Polyurea utilizes Polyaspartic, Urethane and Polyurea technologies to create a top coat that provides a durable, chemical, impact and abrasion resistant surface for a variety of applications. Provides greater protection than urethanes and is super highly resistant to chemicals fluids, battery acid, oil, solvents, brake cleaner, etc. Does not soak in like a sealer.

Ideal for a cost effective one or two coat clear solution that is UV tolerant, and highly resistant to chemicals and auto fluids. Can be used with or without non-skid additive (we do recommend the use of non skid additive to reduce slippage, especially in areas that may get wet). Applies with roller like paint. Longer working time than epoxies, but dries fast in 6-8 hours. Can be used the following day. Coverage 300-400 sq ft/gal depending on surface texture and porosity.

Available in six colors (All colors other than clear are $33.00 more for color pigment packs which get mixed into the SPGX):  Clear, Gray, and Tan. Please note we recommend when using multiple gallons with the tint, that all of the product and tint be mixed together to avoid slight shade differences. Once mixed all together, re-can material and use as required.





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