New formulation! Latest polyaspartic coating technology uses cross-linking molecular bonding in conjunction with proprietary additives for virtually any use.

Amazing Ultrafast coating set can be used in virtually any temperature range from -20 up to +100 degrees. Easy 1:1 mix ratio with 20-25 minute working time (at 70 deg, warmer temperatures will shorten work time/ cooler temps will increase). Extremely resistant to virtually all chemicals and fuels. NON YELLOWING/UV stable can even be used outdoors unlike epoxies.

Comes in clear and can be field tinted with optional tint packs. Self priming. Can be used as a base coat with or without tint, or a topcoat tinted or non-tinted (for decorative fleck type jobs). Decorative flecks can be applied to base coat. Can be rolled or squeegeed for application. Easy 1:1 mix ratio, set contains 1 gallon each of A and B.

Cure time at 70 degrees is 6 hours for light foot traffic, 24 hours for vehicle traffic. Colder temperatures will increase cure times. Coverage 225-350 square feet/gallon (450-700 sq ft/2 gal set) depending on thickness applied and surface texture/porosity.




Medium Gray
Sand Dune
Light Gray
Other Color Specs  

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