Solvent Based Acrylic - Sealer

  • One component solvent based waterproofing sealer & treatment
  • For porous substrates like concrete or cement
  • Excellent gloss like finish. Fast set time
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Product Details

ArmorPoxy Solvent based acrylic sealer (ARM-6415) is a single-component , solvent-based sealing solution designed for waterproofing purposes (wet look). It's specifically formulated for application on porous surfaces like concrete or cement to block water infiltration. This acrylic-based sealer boasts superior gloss qualities and possesses a rapid curing time. It is ideal for sealing concrete or cement surfaces. However, it should not be used in areas subject to constant water immersion or exposed to chemicals

Used extensively at theme parks to prevent staining and damage by spills, gum, dirt, etc. See in the photo how water just beads up on the pavers after application. Excellent for sealing concrete, pavers and masonry. Apply 2 coats for proper performance. Great for stamped concrete and pavers too! Coverage approximately 350 sq. ft/gallon depending on porosity of surface. Apply with roller or brush. ArmorPoxy Non Skid additive can be added to reduce slippage. Water clear, no amber cast, UV stable and protected.



Container Size

1 Gal

Product Thickness

3-6 mils wet (0.5 – 1.1 mils dry)


Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor / Outdoor

Commercial / Residential

Commercial / Residential

Water Protection


Coating Type

One component solvent based sealer

Min Optimal Temp

60 F

Max Optimal Temp

90 F. Humidity below 85%



Substrate/Surface Material

concrete, pavers and masonry.

Dry To Touch Time

Less than 1 hour

Time before Recoating

1-3 hours

Light Foot Traffic

3-5 hours

Vehicle Ready Time (Full Cure)

2-3 days

Additional Info

Do not use in immersion service or chemical exposure areas

Additional Info

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