SupraTile Product Details

SupraTile Product Details

SupraTile Sizes and Designs

SupraTiles offer a diverse range of options to cater to different tastes and requirements. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, colors, joint types, surface textures, and designs, SupraTiles provide an array of choices, making it possible to find the perfect match for any space.

Perfect for Residential and Commercial Projects

SupraTiles are not limited to just one type of environment. Whether it’s a cozy residential home or a bustling commercial space, SupraTiles prove to be an ideal flooring solution. Their versatility ensures that they can seamlessly blend into any setting, adding both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Minimal Prep Work with SupraTile

One of the main advantages of choosing SupraTile is the minimal prep work required for installation. This feature allows users to transform their spaces quickly and efficiently, making SupraTile an excellent choice for those seeking an easy-to-install, high-quality flooring solution.

Quick Turnaround Time: The SupraTile Promise

When it comes to installation, SupraTile shines with its impressive turnaround time. Depending on the project size, the installation can be completed in less than a day. This swift installation process minimizes downtime, making it an ideal choice for projects with tight schedules.


Before and After


Gym Volleyball Installation in progress

SupraTile is manufactured in the following variations below. Please scroll down to see the entire series, including available edging options. Please note that all tiles are available in all colors (some tile/color variations are special order, please contact us for availability or lead times).


4.5mm T-Joint Coin or Textured Pattern :Our most economical and popular tile this tile is perfect for garages, basements, foot traffic, and all light-medium duty applications. Available in Raised Coin Pattern or Textured Pattern. Traditional T-Joint connection. Available matching interlocking edging available.  Each tile is 20.5″ square (2.9 square feet/tile).


4.5mm Dovetail Joint Diamond Pattern: Our most economical and popular tile this tile is perfect for garages, basements, foot traffic, and all light-medium duty applications. Available in Diamond Pattern (Textured available special order). Modern Dovetail Connection. Available matching interlocking edging available.  Each tile is 20.” square (2.7 square feet/tile).


5.5mm Slate Finish Hidden Joint Pattern: Unique faux slate surface is ideal for any area that a comfortable slate-type finish is desireable. Uses our special Dovetial Hidden Joint so the connecting teeth are  not visible. Excellent for break rooms, playrooms, hallways, meeting areas, etc. Glue on ramp edging available. Each tile is 18″ square (2.25 square feet /tile)


5.5mm & 7mm Leather Finish Hidden Joint Pattern: Similar to our Slate Finish Tile except with a Leather-Look finish. Available in standard 5.5mm thickness and heavy-duty 7mm thickness. Glue on ramp edging available. Each tile is 20″square (2.7 square feet/tile).


6.5mm T-Joint Coin or Textured Pattern: Our most popular tile for commercial use. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications like fire houses, factories, loading docks, and any other application with heavier-duty usage.  Traditional T-Joint Pattern available in Coin or Textured Surface. Interlocking ramp edging available.  Each tile is 20.5″ square (2.9 square feet/tile).


6.5MM T Joint Urban Collection: The Urban Tile is a heterogeneous, 100% recycled PVC, heavy duty interlocking 6.5mm tile. This robust tile is suitable for heavy traffic areas. The commercial classification is 34 and Industrial 43. The Urban Tile is suitable for wheeled traffic up to 2,600 lbs and can be quickly installed over poor subfloors, making this tile the perfect flooring for renovation projects. Resistant to heavy traffic, fast renovation, can be installed over existing floor, no subfloor preparation, no adhesive, and no production stoppage.


SupraTile Urban Collection offers a variety of looks from pebble, stone, terrazo, and concrete. 

7mm Hidden Joint Design Collection with Grout Line Look: Our newest and most unique tile. Each tile is manufactured with a patented tray that is permanently bonded to a design-look surface with integrated clear polyurethane protective topcoat. Contrasting grout line gives the look of actual tile, wood, or stone. Hidden Dovetail Joint.  Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Light and Dark Oak colors come standard with ‘parquet’ pattern. Glue on ramp edging is available. Each tile is 18″ square (2.25 square feet/tile).

SupraTile Design Collection offers a number of looks from natural stone to wood effect.

7mm & 10mm Full Dovetail Joint Textured Pattern: Our heaviest duty thickest and strongest tile for heavy-duty applications.  Ideal for contractors, truck repair facilities, government applications, hangars, etc. Utilizes Full Dovetail Joint. Available in Textured Pattern only and has available interlocking edging available.  Each tile is 20.5″ square (2.9 sq feet/tile).

Edging: ArmorPoxy offers both interlocking edging for it’s Dovetail and T-Joint Series. For Hidden Joint Tiles we offer a custom-made glue-on ramp edging which can also be used on our other tiles where the ‘teeth’ have been cut off for trimming purposes.

SupraTile Standard Tiles Base Colors




Dark Gray

Forest Green






Light Gray

Urban & Design Tile Collection

Concrete Gray

Concrete Brown

Concrete Charcoal

Concrete Brown Polish

Stone Bronze

Stone Shale

Stone Clay

Brown Pebble

Gray Pebble

Cream Terrazzo

Brown Terrazo

Light Oak

Vintage Maple

Vintage Ash

Vintage Sand

Dark Oak


Cream Terrazzo




Gray Terrazzo


Polished Concrete


Installation Overview: Guidelines & Tips

Large Ford Car Dealer Installation 6,000 sq ft+! Timelapse Video

Urban Tile Series

Design Tile Series

Large Auto Dealer Installation (Timelapse)