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For over 25 years Armorpoxy has been supplying large and small corporations, homeowners, industrial and government agencies with high performance SupraTile interlocking tiles. 

Durable and Robust Interlocking Floor Tiles 

 SupraTile is the industry’s leading product line for interlocking floor tiles. Not hollow and noisy like standard polypropylene garage floor tiles.

Great for virtually any use: garages, storage areas, hangars, warehouses, plants, factories, auto shops, loading docks, offices, gyms, trailers and more. Manufactured from the highest quality, industrial grade base materials. Easy to install with just a rubber mallet and a pair of snips or small electric saw to trim around edges. Highly resistant to chemicals and dirt. Easy cleaning with any mild cleaner and water. No waxing or other maintenance required. SupraTiles are oversized (18″-20.5″ square, see technical data). Super hard 92 durometer for minimum compression and many, many years of long service life.

All SupraTiles come with an 8 year warranty! Ideal for floors that have existing coatings, are degraded or need significant prep work, SupraTiles are an economical alternative when all costs are considered.


From forklift/aircraft duty to residential garages, SupraTile is available in a wide variety different combinations of interlock joint, thicknesses, colors and surface textures to fit virtually any application and budget. Standard SupraTiles are molded from a solid color PVC polymer, while our new Design Series Tiles have beautiful patterns that make them look like stone, marble, wood,  and terrazzo. SupraTile and SupraTile Design Series Tiles are particularly great to cover asbestos tile floors. No need to disturb the asbestos tile. Just cover and float the SupraTile on top of the existing floor.

SupraTile by ArmorPoxy is a revolutionary SOLID PVC Polymer interlocking floor tile that installs simply and easily to virtually any surface. SupraTile is manufactured by ArmorPoxy. Established in 1998, ArmorPoxy is the country’s leading manufacturer and supplier of epoxy coatings and resurfacing products to industrial, military and residential clients. SupraTile is available in thicknesses from 4.5mm (3/16″) up to 7mm (5/16″) forklift duty. We offer five different surface textures: Coin Pattern, Diamond Plate Pattern, Textured Pattern, Slate Pattern, and Leather Finish Pattern. SupraTile offers three different interlocking joint systems: T-Joint, Dovetail Joint, and Hidden Dovetail Joint (where the interlocking teeth overlap so they don’t appear).

SupraTile is the perfect answer for projects that cannot be taken out of service for the many days to install an epoxy floor and let it cure. Tens of thousands of square feet of SupraTile can be installed in a single day if needed with little, if any downtime of the area. Install today – use today! Ideal for auto dealerships, hangars, fire houses, police stations, schools, public facilities, restaurants, convenience stores, residential garages (where leaving belongings outside is not practical), and more.

SupraTile is ideal for floors that are in ‘bad’ condition and need repair work, areas that cannot tolerate installation of an epoxy floor due to time constraints or where the area cannot get dusty from the normal surface prep methods of floor grinding or shot blasting.

SupraTile is SOLID PVC polymer construction so they are comfortable and quiet to walk on. They are not noisy or ‘hollow sounding’ like most garage-type interlocking tiles. SupraTile is flexible and will follow floor curvatures and variations and not break or split like hollow tiles. Our full-length joints offer superior connections unlike the ‘tab & loops’ of other tiles. There truly is no comparison between SupraTile and others on the market.

SupraTile frequently runs approximately the same price as a properly installed epoxy floor, yet is about ten times thicker than a coated floor and carries a much longer warranty than any epoxy floor. SupraTile is easy to maintain as in the event that a tile gets damaged, just pop it out and replace in minutes. No need for expensive or messy technicians. You can install your interlocking flooring easily and contact our team if you have any questions. Your SupraTile floor will last for generations.

SupraTile is decorative and colors can be mixed and matched to add an attractive, colorful look to your facility or to delineate particular areas with a different color for design or safety reasons. Every type of SupraTile can be made in every standard color we offer, plus we can offer thousands of custom colors (minimum order of 2,500 sq ft for custom colors). Logos can be added to the tiles via the application of custom-made special floor decals we supply.  Simply supply us with a hi-resolution digital file and your image will be created. Great for teams, businesses or other decorative purposes.

SupraTile is resistant to virtually all chemicals and fluids. Please see our FAQ page for additional info on installation, use of adhesive, tire marking, and other technical questions.

SupraTile tiles require no special skills to install, they fit together with a rubber mallet and then the edges get trimmed with a small electric saw or similar tool. We also carry special tile cutters that make fast work of trimming the tiles with clean, burr-free edges. Adhesive is normally not required for installation as the heavy weight of SupraTile and the integral locking teeth keep the floor together and prevent movement. Installing tile by SupraTile is super easy. SupraTile has various floor tile sizes which you can visit on our other pages. For very heavy usage and high ‘point loads’ from pallet jacks and similar wheeled vehicles or sun-exposed areas we do offer a special adhesive which can be applied to those areas to lock down the core of the floor.

If after reviewing this website you find that SupraTile exceeds your budget, come visit us at or call us at 888-755-7361 for a wide variety of epoxy flooring options.


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