Transform your Pool with Epoxy Painting

Transform your Pool with Epoxy Painting

Having a pool in your backyard is always a fun and excellent way to host parties on the hottest days of the year. Swimming pools aren’t solely for decoration or to have fun. They add visual appeal to the house and become a great source of fun for children. Having a pool in your backyard means you can spend a lazy evening with fun-filled leisure activities.

Despite all the amazing benefits a pool offers to the house owner, they also require regular consideration. maintenance and protection in harsh weather conditions. From cleaning to high maintenance, pools demand time and cost to shield them from growing fungal and algae.

So, if you are looking for a fresh new look or are renovating the pool for the coming summer, Look no further. Epoxy painting is here to bring a dazzling new look and style to your old pool.

Epoxy painting offers a cost-effective and stylish solution to revitalize the pool surface, bring new design to it, and add protection against harsh chemicals. We will walk you through why you need epoxy painting for your pool and where you can get excellent epoxy pool paint.

What is epoxy painting?

Epoxy paint is renowned for its exceptional durability and is an is an ideal choice for pool surfaces. Unlike traditional pool finishing, epoxy paint is a seamless and non-porous barrier that resists algae growth, surface damage, and stains.

As a solvent-based pool paint, epoxy paint is one of the best qualities for covering interior pool surfaces. It can last up to eight years with simple, routine maintenance when necessary. It works well with concrete and fiberglass pools.

Epoxy pool paint works best on the bare surfaces, especially when they have not been painted before. The application of epoxy paint creates a solid polished surface that is hard, abrasion-resistant, and non-porous.

Painting the pool with epoxy takes some time to complete due to its drying process. But this wait is all worth it for an outdoor pool, especially in harsh weather or heavy rainfall.

How Do I Use Epoxy Paint?

Epoxy pools are relatively easy to use and apply. But sometimes it does require careful preparation to ensure that you have achieved the best results. You have to follow a few steps carefully to see a visible difference in the pool surface.

1: Preparation

You have to prep your surface thoroughly by removing dirt, debris, and any extra coating available on the pool surface. Repair any cracks that could lead to possible imperfections using a suitable patch compound and allow it to dry properly.

2: Priming

The second step is to prime the prepared surface and ensure long-term results. Applying the high-quality epoxy primer as per manufacturer instructions before proceeding.

3: Mixing

Carefully mix the epoxy paint as per the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure blending of the resin and hardener components.

4: Application

Using a roller or sprayer, you can apply the epoxy paint evenly to the pool surface, working from the small section to the larger one. It is more appropriate to ensure that special places and areas are properly covered with epoxy paint, like corners, steps, and seams.

5: Curing

Curing is the stage where the epoxy paint cures fully according to the specifications before refilling the pool with water. This stage typically lasts several days’, and during this time, the pool needs to be dry and clean.

6: Sealing

The last stage is the sealing of the pool. For added protection and longevity, apply clear epoxy sealer over the paint in the pool so that seal will cover the paint and provide an extra layer of defence against fungus, algae, and chemicals.

ArmorPoxy pool paint

For anyone who wants to improve their pool interior appearance and protect the surface integrity, they need to turn their attention towards ArmorPoxy Pool Paint. Armor Pool Paint is not only easy to apply but also more durable and long-lasting. ArmorPoxy offers a variety of solutions to help you take care of your backyard pool through epoxy pool deck coating systems, as it is a high-functioning coat.

You can easily get professional services from Armorpoxy Deck Pool by reaching out to us. The epoxy paint pool is designed to resist extreme temperatures, variations, and persistent algae growth. 

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