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Introducing the AmorClad epoxy system, the ultimate flooring solution designed for durability and style in garages and basements. This advanced coating provides exceptional resistance against wear, chemicals, and moisture, transforming any space into a sleek, functional area. 

Our 100% solids epoxy chemistry is far superior to low-grade cycloaliphatic epoxy formulations that others would like you to believe are ‘good’ or ‘better’. They are not. Only our Adaptive Molecular Technology is specifically designed for ease of use and a lifetime of performance for your garage or commercial epoxy floor. Never consider a kit sold at home centers, or from an online company with no real address or facility, as there are many brokers and basement resellers masquerading themselves as ‘manufacturers’.

ArmorClad has taken the finest, military-grade epoxy and packaged it into a kit that is easy to apply and will give many, many years of long life and magnificent shine to your floor. No other company offers a superior garage floor paint like ArmorClad.

ArmorClad is VERY easy to apply. Everything you need comes in our kits, and NO special skills are required. Just watch our installation video, read the instructions and that’s it!

ArmorClad is extremely virtually maintenance-free (keep it clean and free of tire debris of course) and is so easy to apply that it can be applied by a 6th-grader! No special skills or techniques are required to apply Armorclad, and we include in the kit everything you need for a terrific job.

ArmorClad is a 100% solids formulation. That means that there is nothing to ‘cure out’ of the epoxy so the thickness you apply it at is the thickness it dries to! It will  not shrink as it cures. Lower percentage solids epoxies, cycloaliphatic epoxies,  or single component epoxies cannot even come close to the technical performance of ArmorClad.

Here are the various broadcasts for a flake epoxy floor



ArmorClad Medium Broadcast Installation Video
Applying Epoxy Basecoat - 30 Secs


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