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ArmorClad 100% Solids Epoxy Complete Garage and Basement Floor Coating Kits

ArmorClad is the industry’s finest epoxy floor coating system and garage floor paint available that can be legally made. Formerly only available to professional installers, ArmorClad is now packaged and available to the public. With over 100,000 ArmorClad Kits sold over close to twenty years, ArmorClad has the highest experience and track record in the industry. Our special Adaptive Molecular Technology (AMT) uses a proprietary cross-linking chemistry unlike ANY other floor coating system available.

Fleck Designer

Create a custom fleck design with our fleck designer tool!

Base colors

Tile Red


Medium Gray

Light Gray

Dark Gray

Charcoal Gray

Light Blue





Desert Tan

Khaki Tan

Traffic Yellow

Safety Yellow

ArmorClad Standard Colors | Flecks

Medium Gray with light blue, black, white flecks

Beige with black, brown, white flecks

Desert Tan with ivory, navy, green, burgundy flecks

Khaki Tan with brown, tan, coppertone flecks

Designer Gray with dark, medium light gray flecks

Racing Blue with black, white, gray flecks

Racing Red w/ black, white, gray flecks

How To Install ArmorClad Kit

Applying Base Coat in 30 Seconds

DIY ArmorClad Garage Floor Makeover 30 Seconds

What is ArmorClad garage and basement epoxy kit?
ArmorClad garage and basement epoxy kit is the industry’s best floor coating system and garage floor paint that comprises everything required to obtain a long-lasting, magnificent shining floor. ArmorClad’s garage floor paint is a 100% solids formulation with special AMT that uses smart cross-linking chemistry.
Is ArmorClad expensive?
ArmorClad flooring system provides the ultimate garage floor protection; compared to retail store products ArmorClad is a bit more expensive but the system is made of commercial-grade and ultra-thick epoxy that cannot be bought in retail stores.
Can I install ArmorClad myself?
Yes, you can. If you have the ArmorClad epoxy coating kits, you can easily install the flooring system yourself. It has everything you may ever need for installation, from prep materials to gloves and shoes.
How do I install ArmorClad flooring system?
You can check the prep and installation instructions for the ArmorClad flooring system. The instructions assists you through a step-by-step process for easy installation. If you still have questions you can call our flooring team.
What tools do I need to install ArmorClad system?
All the tools are covered in ArmorClad system kits; ArmorClad 100% solids epoxy, ArmorEtch solution clear topcoat, clear grip non-skid additive, the decorative epoxy flecks, rollers, rubber gloves, small corner chip brush, mixing sticks, and instructions.
Choosing the right flooring system?
Choosing the right flooring system depends on a lot of factors. Moisture exposure, condition of the floor, the purpose of flooring (how is it going to be used), budget, and degree of post-work maintenance required are some basic prerequisites of choosing your flooring.