Armorpoxy Floor System

Job on a Pallet Kits includes everything needed to prepare, mix, and apply your Armorpoxy coating including tools and accessories.

Mils thick: 8 - 12 mils
  • Ideal Usage: Garages, Auto Shops, food processing factories, warehouses, basements 
  • 2 Layer System 
  • Armorpoxy II self-priming 2 part industrial epoxy 
  • ArmorUltra 2 part military grade topcoat 
  • Materials: ArmorEtch Concentrated Etch solution, UltraWear high wear non-skid powdered metal wear additive, power mixers (for your drill), mixing bucket with liner, 18″ industrial roller frames, 18″ epoxy roller covers, spiked shoe bottoms 
  • Minimum order 1500 sq ft. Ordered 500-1500 there is a 25 cents / sq foot surcharge
  • Certain colors such as white, off white, red, and other highly pigmented bright colors are supplied with an additional coat of epoxy and will charge out at an additional 29 cents/sq foot.
    Armorpoxy II Flooring System


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Armorpoxy Floor System

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