Job on a Pallet Complete Coating Kits


ArmorPoxy's Job on a Pallet epoxy kits provide a comprehensive solution for transforming and protecting floors with professional-grade epoxy and materials, all conveniently packaged into one complete set. These kits include everything needed for application, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike to achieve durable, high-quality flooring results with ease. Save up to 80% on your floor by choosing ArmorPoxy!

ArmorPoxy invented the Job on the Pallet Kit (US Patent and Trademark Office Registration #77734881) almost twenty years ago, to supply the needs of end users who desire to purchase high-quality floor coatings. Since paint stores and home centers don't carry high performance coatings like those offered in the Job on a Pallet Kit, end users previously had limited options to purchase the correct coating for a particular project. ArmorPoxy’s Job on Pallet Kits were created to address this need. Our ArmorPoxy industrial floor coatings are easy to install and can even be done by your staff, thanks to our “Job on a Pallet” flooring kits. Each kit comes with all the materials you’ll need to install your very own industrial epoxy flooring in spaces large and small. Our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions make the process less intimidating for those without any particular skills. ArmorUltra FH Series Heavy Tonnage Floors For heavy duty aggregate broadcast floors, our ArmorUltra FH Series are available that exhibit superior thickness and abrasion resistance. ArmorUltra FH floors are built up from multiple coats of epoxy and aggregate, encapsulated and then top-coated for the ultimate in protection. Our FH Series floor uses a multilayer epoxy build and encapsulated sand broadcast for a super thick, heavy duty floor. After this sand layer is applied ‘to rejection’, the excess sand is removed once the epoxy is cured. Then two additional coating layers (100% solids epoxy & Military Grade Topcoat )are applied to encapsulate and protect the floor.


Light Gray
Medium Gray
Dark Gray
Charcoal Gray
Off White
Tile Red
Racing Red
Light Blue
Racing Blue
Desert Tan
Khaki Tan
Traffic Yellow
Safety Yellow


ArmorPoxy II (2 layer) nstallation Video
ArmorUltra (3 layer) Installation Videop


TDS ArmorUltra Std VOC
SDS ArmorUltra Std VOC
TDS ArmorUltra Low VOC
SDS ArmorUltra Low VOC
TDS ArmorPoxy II Std VOC
SDS ArmorPoxy II Std VOC
TDS ArmorPoxy II Low VOC
SDS ArmorPoxy II Low VOC
Case Study: Airplane Hangar - Off White
Case Study: Barn - Blue/Yellow w/BallistiX
Case Study: Factory/Service - Light Gray
Case Study: Warehouse - White


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