Food Industry Flooring

ArmorPoxy high performance coatings are ideal flooring solutions for food processing plants and other alike type of projects. All flooring systems can have nonskid additives added to them to reduce the chance of slippage when wet or greasy. ArmorPoxy has a variety of durable and reliable coating solutions for your needs!

Food Industrial Kitchen Flooring and Pharmaceutical Industry Floor Systems

According to federal laws, it is crucial to have durable, hygienic food and pharmaceutical industry floorings that can endure constant foot traffic, is quick and easy to clean, and can withstand harsh conditions. These types of floors require USDA approved seamless flooring that reduces the chance of bacteria and mold growth. In addition, many of these applications require the use of quarter-round ‘cove’s’ to be made where the floors and walls meet, since these areas can grow bacteria if not coved, and are difficult to clean. ArmorPoxy offers a complete line of cove materials and tools to supply coves that integrate into their floor systems.

Food processing and pharmaceutical facilities have a high need to install industrial kitchen and plant flooring. For example, they present a variety of challenges that make adequate industrial kitchen floor coatings essential, including contact with potentially corrosive liquids and fluids, and the need for regular high-pressure cleaning. ArmorPoxy manufactures urethane mortars that can handle hundreds of degrees of ‘thermal shock’ from steam cleaning cold floors. Meat packing facilities, which contain frigid freezers and walk-in coolers, require flooring that can handle extreme hot and cold temperatures. Areas such as commercial kitchens, cafeterias, and wineries must be able to hold up against the acids contained in oils, sugars, and even dairies, which are capable of breaking down the exterior of traditional floor coatings. Food industry flooring and industrial kitchen flooring must also possess stain-fighting capabilities for when things get messy. All ArmorPoxy coatings can have nonskid additives added to them to reduce the chance of slippage when wet or greasy.


BallistiX is a clear coating that can be applied to bare concrete, polished concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, urethanes, marble, stone, and virtually any surface. BallistiX resists virtually all acids, chemicals, and oils that may be present in an industrial kitchen or other food industry facility. The BallistiX system is tailored to provide a long-lasting, odor-free and chemical-resistant finish.

BallistiX Complete Floor Seal kit includes an acrylic primer to prime the floor and BallistiX NCO (satin finish) or Squire (gloss finish) ultra-protective sealer. Easy to apply with minimal surface prep.

UltraFast Fast Curing/Low Temp Coatings

Food Industry Flooring that follows sanitation guidelines. In all food industry settings, industrial-grade disinfectants and cleaning products are utilized to keep the facility safe and effective in producing consumable items. This must be taken into account when selecting your food industry flooring such as industrial kitchen flooring. Facilities that produce food and beverage items, particularly in the bottling & packaging areas and food service & storage areas, must always remain up to code, adhering to USDA, FDA, and other federal sanitation guidelines in order to stay in business. The proper epoxy floor coating can help food industries pass inspections with flying colors and avoid costly shutdowns to replace or repair flooring. Failing floors may result in authorities requiring work to stop until repairs are made. For these types of situations, ArmorPoxy’s Ultrafast fast curing system is the answer.

UltraFast Fast Curing/Low Temp Coatings

Job on a Pallet Kits

Comes in our Armorpoxy II & ArmorUltra systems. Complete ready-to-install coating kits including all necessary tools and prep materials for professionally installed floor at up to one-quarter the price of using a contractor. Build your kit with our ‘Kit Builder’ and pay for only exactly what you need. ArmorPoxy created the Job on a Pallet kit to make installing a technical floor easy for anyone! No skills are required.

Job on a Pallet Kits

Resisting Unwanted Odors

Not often realized, is it possible for an industrial kitchen floor coating to emit odors that can actually be transferred and absorbed into the food products being produced. These unwanted odors and tastes may even make the final product unacceptable and not consumable, thus wasting valuable time and resources. By selecting an industrial kitchen floor coating that is low/no VOC or water based, you are virtually eliminating the likelihood that this type of odor transference will occur in a food processing environment.

Temperature Variation Constraints

When selecting a food industry flooring system for your facility, is also incredibly important to keep in mind that often in these types of spaces, temperatures will vary. While one part of your facility will bring cool or cold extremes, others will see warm or hot conditions. The floor in a facility must be structured to handle both hot and cold temperatures, and able to cure under a very broad range.

Foot Traffic in Your Facility

From breweries to bakeries, we offer durable, high-quality systems that are engineered to last for years. We understand that flooring in food industry spaces needs to promote constant production, as downtime for replacements and repairs negatively impacts profit. This means it must be strong enough to avoid abrasions from carts, forklifts, and other heavy machinery. While also avoiding possible liability issues, It must be slip-resistant, so that fast-moving employees are less likely to get injured from falls and slips.

Food Industry Epoxy Flooring

There is no shortage of options for you to choose from, whether it be our ArmorPoxy II coating, which utilizes our industrial grade epoxy, or our ArmorUltra solution, a 3-layer 100% solids system that utilizes a 2-part epoxy primer, a high build epoxy mid layer, and our ArmorUltra military grade topcoat with nonskid additive. Other popular flooring systems for food and pharmaceutical use are BallistiX protective sealers, urethane mortar floors, polyaspartic floors, and seamless urethane mortar with novolac topcoats.

Boosting Morale with a Beautiful Floor

The industrial kitchen flooring in your space must be aesthetically pleasing, as food processing plants are a direct reflection of the company and brand. Management is eager to display a facility that visually expresses a clean, bright, and overall positive image, particularly in food industry facilities that participate in public tours. Additionally, beautiful industrial kitchen flooring is capable of keeping employees confident in their workplace and eager to perform well. Having a wide selection of flooring options is therefore incredibly important for making a stand out facility. You are always able to customize your industrial kitchen flooring, selecting the appropriate colors, designs, and even logos you need to fit the look and style of your space.

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of installing a new floor, from the design phase all the way through installation. We are excited to help you create the floor of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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