Factory Floors

At ArmorPoxy, we have a factory floor coating solution that promotes a safe and productive working environment, at an affordable price. Because factories are busy with fast-paced settings, flooring must be able to withstand heavy workloads while also requiring little time for cleanup and maintenance. In addition, visually appealing factory floor coatings illustrate to the visitors to your facilities that management runs a clean, safe, and proper environment for production and storage. ArmorPoxy’s factory floor coatings are designed specifically to create brighter and more visually appealing workspaces for staff. More importantly, they are designed to prevent slips and falls, withstand harsh chemicals, and help to absorb the impact of heavy equipment in the event where something is dropped or dragged.

ArmorPoxy High Performance Factory Floor Coating Systems

Industrial floors are tested through contact with chemicals, heat, and heavy machinery every single day. For this reason, standard concrete flooring won’t survive in this type of setting, as they will crack under pressure and are virtually impossible to maintain. The right factory floor coating, however, can transform a factory into a productive, clean and safe environment, that will withstand use and abuse for many years to come.

A factory must have the ability to maintain efficient and safe production standards, and this can only be done with the proper floor coating. Having flooring that results in slips or is easily damaged is unacceptable, and not only impacts production but it is also a danger to workers.

All ArmorPoxy floors are easy to maintain and require no special skills to apply. Virtually anyone can install an ArmorPoxy floor!

When it comes to choosing the floor coating for your factory, we have a large variety of options for you to choose from. Some of our most popular factory floor coating systems include ArmorPoxy II, ArmorUltra, and UltraFast. Each is available in our unique “Job on a Pallet” kit, which allows for fast and easy self-installation. All kits come with prep/etching solution, industrial rollers and frames, mixers and mixing buckets, non-skid additives, and of course, easy-to-follow instructions.

ArmorPoxy offers a wide variety of industrial floor coatings to fit virtually any application floor type. Traditional home-center type floor paints cure at approximately 3 mils thick. ArmorPoxy’s industrial coating systems range from 7-250 mils thick, and we can specify virtually any coating system to fit your particular requirements, and budget. Your ArmorPoxy factory floor coating will be 3-100 times thicker, and 10x more durable than any coating you can purchase locally.

ArmorPoxy II Factory Coating Systems

What makes ArmorPoxy II Epoxy Floor Coating a great option for factory flooring, is that it is easy and fast to install and has superior chemical and abrasion resistance. ArmorPoxy II is a high solid self-priming industrial grade coating that is used with our ArmorUltra military grade protective topcoat and Ultrawear nonskid wear additive. When compared to regular floor paint, ArmorPoxy II is approximately 4x thicker and is available in standard and low VOC formulations (VOC regulations vary by state).

ArmorPoxy II Floor System

ArmorUltra Factory Coating Systems

ArmorUltra is our 3-layer 100% solids system that utilizes a 2-part epoxy primer, a 100% solids high build epoxy mid layer, and our ArmorUltra military grade topcoat with UltraWear nonskid additive. In addition to the epoxy factory floor coatings mentioned above, we offer many other factory flooring systems engineered to repair and strengthen damaged floors and hold up in particularly corrosive environments. Within our wide array of systems, you can choose from solid colors or ‘decorative fleck type’ floors.

ArmorUltra System

Coval - High Performance Topcoat & Sealer

Coval is a clear silicone-ceramic coating offering protection against tire marks, chemicals, and other harmful materials. Coval offers many other benefits, such as cutting the cleaning time of your floor. This convenience floor sealing kit provides everything you need to seal your floor with Coval today! 
Coval Coatings and Floor Kits

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of installing new factory flooring, from the design phase all the way through installation. We are excited to help you create the factory floor of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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