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Specialty Products for Industrial Floors – Flooring Products For Kennels, Prisons, Veterinary Facilities, Chemical and Acid Exposure, Wineries, Breweries, Processing Facilities, and Virtually any Specialized Industrial Requirement.

For over twenty years ArmorPoxy has been specifying and supplying complete flooring solutions for virtually any environment and requirement. We specialize in the difficult and tough projects that require our high level of technical knowledge and years of experience supplying over 50,000,000 square feet of industrial flooring.

ArmorPoxy carries and can specify epoxies, urethanes, urethane mortars, novolac coatings, MMA coatings, primers, polyaspartic coatings, low-VOC coatings, topcoats, floor repair products and many other types of coatings and overlays.

Specific needs we are able to supply our coatings for are chemical plants, battery storage areas and rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, kennel floors, processing facilities, plating facilities, breweries, wineries, food processing plants, packaging rooms and packaging areas, USDA-approved floors, and any special specified requirement. Our coatings have been lab-tested against thousands of chemicals, contact our office for your specific flooring requirements.

Acid Resistant Floor Coatings / Chemical Resistant Floor Coatings

ArmorPoxy offers a full line of Novolac coatings which are acid and chemical resistant. These specialty products resist chemicals such as sulfuric acid, acetone, ammonia, ethanol, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, xylene, and much more.

Novolac epoxy coatings are specially made to resist caustic acid and chemical spills. For example, electric forklift battery storage areas frequently use these special coatings to protect the floor when batteries overfill or leak to prevent serious damage to your facility.

ESD Floors Conductive, anti static and dissipative flooring for any static control application

ArmorPoxy also offers for easy self-installation Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) type floors. We offer these floors in two types. First our SupraTile Interlocking Floor tiles are available in either Anti Static or ESD/Conductive versions. See photos below of Anti Static Floor and surface grounding connectors.

We also offer our epoxy floors that are coated with a special formula of ArmorPoxy that has conductive materials embedded in the epoxy to carry away any static electricity. ESD floors need to be ‘grounded’ to pass off any static without harm. ArmorPoxy carries everything needed for a complete installation.

Please call or email us to get pricing and technical information.
Flooring Systems for Prisons, Rehabilitation Facilities, Government Storage and Military Facilities and USDA Specified Floors

ArmorPoxy’s Government/Military Division specializes in providing flooring systems for prisons, rehabilitation facilities, government storage and military facilities and USDA specified floors. We offer our coatings in low/no odor offerings, and super fast drying Ultrafast systems.

We supply all of our coating systems as complete, ready to install Job on Pallet Kits for easy self-installation with no special skills required to prep and install.

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Job on Pallet Kits

Complete ready-to-install coating kits including all necessary tools and prep materials for professionally installed floor at up to one-quarter the price of using a contractor. Build your kit with our ‘Kit Builder’ and pay for only exactly what you need. ArmorPoxy created the Job on a Pallet kit to make installing a technical floor easy for anyone! No skills are required.

Job on a Pallet Kits

BallistiX: The Ultimate Protective Sealer

BallistiX resists virtually all petroleum products, brake cleaners, Skydrol, acids, chemicals and tire marks. The BallistiX system is tailored to provide a long-lasting, odor-free and chemical-resistant finish.

BallistiX Complete Floor Seal kit includes an acrylic primer to prime the floor and BallistiX NCO (satin finish) or Squire (gloss finish) ultra-protective sealer. Easy to apply with minimal surface prep.

BallistiX Protective Sealer

Technical Support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of installing new industrial flooring, from the design phase all the way through installation. We are excited to help you create the floor of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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