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For over 25 years Armorpoxy has been supplying large corporations, homeowners, small businesses, industrial and government agencies with high performance interlocking floor tiles and mats. Whether its a residential or commercial project we have the solution for you. Contact Armorpoxy’s experienced staff to help you choose the correct product for your application and budget.  

If you’re looking to redo your garage flooring and would like an alternative to epoxy flooring, garage floor tiles are a great option. Garage floor tiles are unique in that they are both durable and versatile, and are also quicker to install than almost any other flooring. With little more than a rubber mallet and a small electric saw, you can have a gorgeous tile floor that gives your garage a neat and pulled-together appearance.

Garage Floor Tiles and Mats for Fast and Easy Garage Floor Protection

Another great benefit to garage floor tiles is that they do not require any messy adhesives or prep work to install in your garage. If your current flooring is cracked or damaged, it can be costly and time-consuming to prepare the garage floor for a coating. The cost of skim coats or self-levelers which can fail with temperature changes can become very costly. ArmorPoxy’s interlocking garage floor tiles allow you to skip this step completely, as they can still be applied effectively and with ease and will span over cracks, dings, etc easily. While the process to apply an epoxy floor coating can take days and may result in unpleasant dirt, dust or odor, garage floor tiles can be installed in hours, minimizing disruption to the daily routine of your family, and eliminating the need to keep your belongings outdoors.

SupraTile Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

ArmorPoxy’s SupraTile garage floor tiles are the best choice for residential garage floors, as they are economical and durable. Our interlocking SupraTile garage floor tiles come in a variety of thicknesses, three interlock types and three different surface textures, giving you the option to create a space that is truly your own. Their solid PVC industrial grade materials will never crack or fail. Whether you go with our ‘Coin,’ ‘Diamond,’ or Textured’ texture, you’re sure to find a garage floor tile to meet your style and home’s aesthetic. We also offer our new Design Series that allows your floor to look like stone, slate or terrazzo.

Maintenance is fast and easy, as in the event that a tile does get damaged, simply remove the old tile and interlock a replacement in its place.

ArmorCover Roll Out Mats

ArmorCover Garage Floor Roll-out Mats are ideal for where you want to cover the floor under the cards to catch drips, oil, water, etc. ArmorCover Ribbed Mats are an excellent solution for stopping leaks through the floor to areas that are underneath if your garage is suspended. All of ArmorPoxy’s garage floor mats are easy to clean and maintain and are resistant to dropped items, scratches, moisture, and abrasions. Available in six colors, and Ribbed, Coin, or Textured patterns. Floor maintenance has never been easier! cover1

Contact us today to discuss the needs of your interlocking garage floor tiles and the design you’re looking for. We are ready to help you find the affordable garage flooring option for you.


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