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"Green/Low VOC" Products

ArmorPoxy now offers a complete line of low or no VOC products for floor coating and concrete floor repair. Ideal for green and LEED projects and indoor applications and for environmentally or user occupied situations where fumes from traditional solvent-based coatings would be unacceptable. Low VOC coatings are often used in areas that are occupied and fumes/odors would be objectionable, or foul/ruin food stocks. These facilities include coatings for prisons, hospitals, vets, nursing homes, day & nursery care facilities, fire/police/ems facilities, food storage and manufacturing plants and a wide variety of others.

What does low VOC mean?
Low VOC refers to that class of volatile organic compounds that are environmentally friendly and safe to use. In this case, low or no VOC flooring systems have a low solvent ratio and eliminate the threat of harmful fumes/odor.
Are low VOC products safe to be around?
Yes, the advanced formulation of low VOC products has made flooring systems environment-friendly and safe for user-occupied situations. For the same reason, they are used in prisons, hospitals, vets, nursing homes, nursery/ daycare facilities, food storage facilities, manufacturing plants, etc.
Is low VOC coating expensive?
Their exceptional finish despite low solvent ratio makes them slightly pricier than the regular epoxy coatings. For the exact pricing availability of Green floor coatings, you can contact ArmorPoxy.
Why is low VOC epoxy coating good?
The environmental and health hazard posed by traditional epoxy coatings has limited usage of such products in many states. Low VOC coatings are an excellent alternative widely used for green and LEED projects. It doesn’t emit any harmful fumes and gives an excellent finish to the floors.
How does low VOC coating work?
Traditional floor coatings work with a higher solvent-based ratio. Low VOC coatings have less solvent and hence lower evaporation or fume emission. Water-based or high solids coatings have VOC levels less than 250 g/l for standard coating and 340g/l for industrial coatings, which gives impressive results and less pollution.
Can I install low VOC coating myself?
Yes, using standard installation tools and step-by-step instructions, you can install the flooring systems by yourself.