Basement Floor

ArmorPoxy offers a variety of flooring solutions for your basements needs.

Basement Floor Solutions

Many people only view their basements as, dark, wet, uninviting spaces best utilized for storing old clothing and holiday decorations. In reality, however, the basement can serve a wide range of purposes, from a recreation space for the kids, or even as another family room perfect for important bonding time. All that’s missing is the proper basement floor epoxy from ArmorPoxy.

Moisture can be a serious problem for the basement and is one of the leading reasons why families choose to ignore this part of the home, to begin with. ArmorPoxy offers unique flooring products such as basement floor epoxy coatings, special moisture barrier coatings, and interlocking carpet tiles designed to either stop water from penetrating through the floor or allowing the floor to breathe and reduce the chances of harmful mold or moisture damage.

Basement Floor Epoxy Coating ArmorClad Kits

Many clients choose to install a high-quality ArmorPoxy basement floor epoxy coating. Unlike traditional basement floor paint, our epoxy floor coatings act as a sealer, helping to prevent lines and cracks from showing up over time. ArmorClad 100% solids high build epoxy coating helps to trap moisture in the slab and from coming into the basement with the end result of a cleaner, drier, less musty basement. Available in a variety of colors, our ArmorClad epoxy basement floor coating systems are easy to install, and can be done so by anyone with our Armorclad Kits. Each kit comes with all the materials you’ll need to create a beautiful and one of a kind flooring in your basement. We are known for our durable and low-maintenance basement floor epoxy options and are confident you’ll be satisfied with your selection.

If your basement or area has very high moisture levels, we carry Moisture Test Kits for proper and accurate testing of the slab, and if high readings are encountered, we offer special moisture barrier pre-treatment coatings to lock in up to 21 lbs/1000 sq ft/24 hours.

If your basement floor has cracks or other damage from time or settling, ArmorPoxy carries a complete line of floor repair products to repair these areas prior to coating.

Armorclad Basement Epoxy Kit

ArmorCarpet Basement Flooring

ArmorCarpet is our innovative, modular interlocking carpet tile system that is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces alike. Moisture is not an issue for ArmorCarpet thanks to its unique design which allows for complete drainage and moisture evaporation, making basement mildew a thing of the past. Further, each tile comes equipped with a heavy duty tab/loop interlocking connection that keeps them securely attached to one another, while at the same time enables them to move, should expansion and contraction occur.

Installing ArmorCarpet is quick and easy due to its snap together design. No special skills, tools, or adhesives are required, therefore, they are perfect for basements of all shapes and sizes. In no time, your family will be enjoying the soft, yet strong, feeling of ArmorCarpet beneath your feet. When it comes time for cleanup, light sweeping or vacuuming is all you’ll need. Unlike any other flooring in your home, such as hardwood flooring or traditional carpeting, ArmorCarpet easily withstands staining, pulls, and scratches.

Each ArmorCarpet interlocking carpet square is 12” X 12” and is available in seven gorgeous colors:

ArmorCarpet Interlocking Floating Tiles

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of installing a new balcony flooring, from the design phase all the way through installation. We are excited to help you create the balcony of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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