Garage Floor Epoxy

With garage floor epoxy the best step you can take to create the most durable and toughest flooring for your garage is to apply a garage floor epoxy coating. Unlike traditional garage floor paint which simply dries on the surface it is applied to, Armorpoxy’s Armorclad 100% solids, high build garage floor epoxy coating undergoes a chemical reaction that results in a thick coating that is 10x thicker and more durable than home-center type epoxy and is tightly bonded to the prepared surface. You are not only left with a quality flooring that looks nice, but also one that can withstand abrasions, stains, impact, and chipping. Gone are the days you have to worry that dropping a heavy tool or dragging the lawnmower out of the garage will result in unsightly scrapes and scratches on your epoxy garage floor coating.

ArmorClad 100% Solids Garage Floor Kits

ArmorClad 100% solids garage floor epoxy with Adaptive Molecular Technology is the most durable, highest performance coating that can be legally made and sold to the public. Contractor grade, now packaged for homeowner use.

Garage floor epoxy is resistant to moisture, dirt, chemicals, and salts making it ideal for those living in climates where rain and snow are common as the seasons change. Further, coating your floor prevents dirt and dust from spreading throughout your garage and on your possessions, typically caused by dust that is kicked up by foot traffic or vehicles.  A garage floor coating acts as a sealer, thus making dusty garages a thing of the past. Your garage will be safer, cleaner, and much easier to clean. A garage floor coating will also protect your concrete from chemicals and salt (if you live in an area where salt is used in the winter). Salt is extremely corrosive to concrete and over time will cause significant pitting and corrosion of the surface. 

The ArmorClad process starts when you first etch your garage floor with our ArmorEtch etching solution, which forms millions of microscopic pores in the flooring. During this prep stage, your flooring will undergo a chemical reaction that results in a bonding over 100x stronger than steel. Next, ArmorClad is applied and becomes impossible to detach. If you choose to grind your floor, we suggest using the ArmorClad primer as a pre-coat.

ArmorClad is great for every home and can be applied by anyone. No professional installation is needed! The AmorClad Epoxy Flooring Kit comes with all the prep and application materials you’ll need, including easy to follow instructions. An easy to follow video is available from this website or online. For smaller garage floors, you may only need a few hours to apply your epoxy coating. ArmorClad is available in a wide variety of base colors and over 100 decorative fleck colors that can be chosen to match any decor.

We want you to have a garage floor paint that matches the style of your home, and for this reason, we offer six standard beautiful color combinations with decorative flecks, or you can design virtually any combination of base and fleck colors you want. Of course, solid color floors are available too. See our online color picker below to help you design your floor.GJ9

Contact our expert epoxy flooring specialists today to design the garage flooring of your dreams at an affordable price that fits your budget.

ArmorClad is available either with or without top coat. We also offer several different top coats from our standard grade Ultraglaze up to our 2-part military grade top coat, ideal for working garages or where fuels and solvents may come in contact with the floor.

Armorpoxy also offers our SPGX one-part Polyurea systems which have certain advantages including cold weather application, one-day installation, and prevention of discoloration due to sun exposure.

Armorclad Epoxy Garage Kits

Epoxy Garage Floor Maintenance

When it comes time to clean your garage floor epoxy coating, you will notice that much less time is required.  With simply a mild soap and mop, or a broom, messes are picked up easy and without hassle. This comes in handy particularly during the winter in states where the roads are coated with salts.

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of installing a new balcony flooring, from the design phase all the way through installation. We are excited to help you create the balcony of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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