ISONEM - Liquid Glass

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Product Details

ISONEM LIQUID GLASS is a two-component easy to use product which adheres to surfaces like glass, mosaic, tile, porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, natural stone, wood, concrete, screed, galvanized sheet, and aluminum. The product is great for outdoor applications where a clear and transparent waterproof coating is needed such as balconies, terraces, and patios. This product has virtually no limitations to its' use and can even be tinted with Armor Tint Packs to achieve color.

Liquid Glass has high resistance to atmospheric conditions and has high chemical and abrasion resistance. It is even rated for vehice traffic! It can be used to prime, coat, and even topcoat over epoxies, urethanes, polyureas and polyapsartic coatings. It is not affected by U.V and outdoor weather conditions. It does not get yellow, fading or peeling off in time. 

  • Glass, glass brick, mosaic, mosaic tile,
  • Tiles, ceramics, marble, granite, natural stone, porcelain surfaces
  • In press bricks,
  • On wooden surfaces
  • Balcony, terrace, bathroom, kitchen, stone-covered exterior.
  • Ceramic, glass mosaic covered ornamental pools.
  • It helps to prevent dusting on absorbent surfaces.





Surface humidity

Dry surface

Primer usage

Not needed

Product usage

For concrete, raw wood, etc. surfaces: 2 layers. For marble, granite, tile, ceramic, metal/steel surface; 1 layer

Between two coats

4 - 24 hours

Recommended application tools

Roller (synthetic epoxy), brush, suitable spray

Application temperature (°F)

41 -95 (°F)

Shelf Life

24 months from date of production if stored in original, unopened, undamaged packages.

Storage condition

Store tightly closed in a dry and cool place away from heat and fire.

Touch free drying

1 - 2 hours

Full cure

7 days

Pot Life

50 – 60 minutes


Organic solvent


400-500 sq/ft per 4KG Unit

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