No Prep Primer - Spray On Coatings Primer - 1 Gal

  • Gel based fusion primer
  • No need to prep the floor. Spray on application
  • Apply with garden type sprayer
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Product Details

ArmorPoxy No Prep Primer is a revolutionary single-component, sol-gel based fusion primer designed for seamless application directly onto surfaces. No Prep Primer serves a dual purpose as both a surface primer and an intercoat adhesion enhancer. This remarkable primer establishes a permanent molecular connection between the coating and the substrate, effectively chemically bonding the substrate anything applied to it.

No Prep Primer eliminates the need to prep by etching or grinding, saving significant time and money. Ideal for where dust is created by grinding or shot blasting is an issue.  Apply with a acetone-type sprayer, simply wait 10-15 minutes for the No Prep to get ‘tacky’ and then apply your coating. Virtually any coating (except water-based type) can be applied to Armorpoxy No-Prep. Can be used as a standalone primer on bare concrete, or as a primer to assure adhesion to an existing coating that is being recoated. 

Armorpoxy No-Prep is so strong that adhesion tests have proven that the concrete surface will fail before the primer will delaminiate! Simple one-part no mixing formula. 

Don’t have time or tools to prep your floor? ArmorPoxy No Prep Primer is the perfect solution! 

Apply with our Specialty Sprayer

Coverage rates (sq ft): Smooth Concrete 500-600 | Concrete Block 200-250 | Broom Finish 250-300 | Concrete Pavers 250-300 Diamond Grind 150-250 | Concrete Slab 250-300 

Sold in 1 Gal units.



Product Thickness

0.4 – 0.9 mils Dry

Container Size

1 Gal


Commercial / Residential

Commercial / Residential

Approx Coverage

300 – 400 sq ft/gal *rates vary depending on surface see tds for full coverage chart

Application/Installation Method

Acetone-proof pump sprayer with a cone tip

Coating Type

Single component sol-gel based fusion primer

Min Optimal Temp

50 °F

Max Optimal Temp

80 °F

Substrate/Surface Material

Can be applied on coated or uncoated concrete, rubber, plastic, fiberglass and glass, porcelain, painted orunpainted iron; aluminum, copper and other metals; hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel; powdercoated and galvanized surfaces

Dry To Touch Time

90 Minutes

Time before Recoating

5-90 minutes

DIY Friendly


Additional Info


Removes the need to grind, sand, or profile substrates or coatings before topcoating. Ideal for environments where grinding or acid etching is not possible.

Yes! Watch our training video on how to apply the No Prep Primer.

You have a 90-minute overcoat window. If the window is missed, run a screen or light abrasion and reapply 

It is clear to slight straw yellow

Yes! If you take into consideration the amount of time and resources it will take it prep the floor, the No Prep Primer allows you to prep and epoxy the floor in the same day. Thousands of professionals use this product every day for 1 day installations. Homeowners use this if they are in a tight time crunch or can't prep the floor due to external factors.


How to Install No Prep Primer


TDS & Instructions

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