Flash Bond is a specialized nano-technology liquid primer used as pre-treatment for the bonding of virtually all coatings and epoxies to porous & non porous surfaces such as tile, vinyl, linoleum, fiberglass, ceramic, composite decking, glass, glazed block, wood, metal, Cool Deck, etc. Off white in color, one-part no mixing formula. Easy to apply just rolls or brushes on!

Flash Bond is also used as a primer for ArmorTop Epoxy Acrylic Coating for bare concrete or asphalt. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

When painting on painted, plastic, or vinyl siding test in small area prior to assure adhesion and that the primer will not affect the subsurface.

Not recommended for showers, tubs, hot tubs, and other areas where continuous water or hot water contact occurs.

White color.

Coverage 300-400 sq ft/gallon on non porous surfaces. less on porous or irregular surfaces such as asphalt.





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