Oil Stop Primer Epoxy

  • Oil stop primer for petoleum based oil stained floor
  • Use with most ArmorPoxy coatings
  • Solvent based 2-part epoxy
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$119.00 - $279.00

Product Details

Unfortunately no matter how hard you clean an oil-stained floor, the oil soaks into the concrete 4″-5″ deep so essentially it can never be properly removed. Our unique 2 part primer is designed to prime oil, grease or petroleum contaminated concrete surfaces. Prevents ‘beading’ of coating on stained floors. Allows for excellent adhesion of ArmorClad, Job on pallet kits, and virtually any epoxy coating.

2 gal size Contains 1 gal of A & B, Half gallon size contains 1 quart of A & 1 quart B. Mix 1:1 ratio. Ten gallon available special order.  Black/brown color only.



Container Size

0.5 Gal & 2 Gal


3-5 mils dry


Indoor / Outdoor


Commercial / Residential

Commercial / Residential

Approx Coverage

200-320 sq ft

Application/Installation Method


Coating Type

2 Part solvent based epoxy

Min Optimal Temp

55 F

Max Optimal Temp

90 F

Substrate/Surface Material


Time before Recoating

4-8 hours

Dry To Touch Time

2-4 hours

Vehicle Ready Time

2-7 days

DIY Friendly


Mix Ratio

1 part A to 1 part B by volume


Satin gloss

Additional Info


This product is suggested as a primer if your floor is contaminated with petroleum oil.

This kit covers 200-320 square feet per gallon, which is 100-170 feet for our half-gallon kit and 400-640 square feet for our two-gallon kit.

This kit is only available in the black/brown color.

This primer allows for excellent adhesion to virtually any epoxy coating, including ArmorUltra, ArmorPoxy II, and ArmorClad.


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