What Are Colored Decorative Floor Flakes (Flecks)? 

What Are Colored Decorative Floor Flakes (Flecks)? 

Epoxy colored flakes also referred to as paint chips, decorative flakes, and colored flecks are used to help create beautiful epoxy finishes. They are used in epoxy and resinous floor coatings to give the floor an aesthetic appeal, texture, hide imperfections and help to build up the thickness of the coating applied. They also act as an additional aggregate to help prevent slips and falls. Many different levels of texture can be achieved through this unique product. Let’s review the ins and out of colored decorative flakes.

What are Decorative Colored Flakes?

Flakes are specially formulated vinyl paint aggregates that can be used to enhance a floor coatings aesthetic and ergonomic quality. They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and blends that can be customized to the customers liking making the options for end results limitless!

What are the benefits of using colored paint chips?

The benefits of using colored paint chips are truly endless. Colored paint chips are super durable and formulated from vinyl meaning they will not wear down when applied with commercial grade coatings. They also provide a truly unique aesthetic appeal as the color combination can be customized to a customers choice. Paints chips are safe as they give the floor more texture and increase non-slip resistance. They also provide for a low sound barrier to help decrease the noise from foot and vehicle traffic. Decorative Flecks are normally topcoated with a clear urethane , UV-stabilized epoxy, or polyaspartic to seal in the flecks to the floor and allow for easy cleaning since the clear topcoat fills in minor gaps/valleys created when the flecks overlap.  Lastly colored paint chips are UV stable. As long as you apply in conjunction with one of our UV stable topcoats, the floor should continue to look great in outdoor applications. 

What sizes are colored flecks available in?

Colored flecks can be bought in a variety of sizes. The industry standard or norm is 1/4” diameter but this does not mean that this is the right choice for your floor. Colored flecks can be bought in 6 different sizes ranging from 1/32” diameter to 1” diameter. Flecks are often random in size and shape but when blended together they create a truly dynamic end result, and when done in a ‘full broadcast’ application tend to create a ‘terrazzo’ or ‘granite’ type look. At ArmorPoxy we sell colored flakes in all of the sizes listed below.

What does broadcast mean?

Broadcast refers to the amount of flakes that the installer/applicator will be putting down on the floor to achieve the desired texture. There are different levels of broadcast and it’s important to understand what type of broadcast you would like if installing your own epoxy floor with decorative flakes. Broadcasting falls into 5 main categories. Light, Medium, Heavy, Super Heavy and Full Broadcast.

The below flake application rates can be used to achieve desired floor texture:

    • Light Broadcast .25lbs – .5 lbs per 100 sq.ft
    • Medium Broadcast: .5 lbs- 2 lbs per 100 sq.ft
    • Heavy Broadcast: 2-4 lbs per 100 sq.ft
    • Super Heavy Broadcast: 4-9 lbs per 100 sq.ft
    • Full Broadcast: 10 lbs per 100 sq.ft

With full broadcast applications flakes will be applied to the floor to the point of rejection. Once the flakes have dried overnight the applicator will come back the next day and scrape or lightly sand the floor to remove any high spots from overlapping of the flecks,  and vacuum and sweep any excess flakes that did not adhere to the coating. The flakes can then be reused for other applications or touch ups in the future.

What color combinations can you make?

The color combinations are infinite. With over 150 colors to choose from and the possibility for 2, 3, and 4+ color combinations you can select as many colors as you desire.

Armorpoxy has a fantastic online ‘Fleck Visualizing Tool‘ at this link to visualize your final result.  Our Visualizer even allows you to upload a photo of YOUR floor!


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