Exterior Products

Armorpoxy offers a wide choice of commercial/industrial grade products for outdoor use.

SURFACE BOND: Special outdoor coating for streets, bike lanes, parking lots, plazas, pedestrian areas

Surface Bond 5

ARMOR RENEW: Commercial-grade resurfacing coating for wood decks and concrete areas such as sidewalks, patios, decks and similar applications

deck painting and repair in progress

ARMORTOP: 1-part acrylic epoxy

ArmorTop Outdoor Coating


ARMORTRAK: Special 1-part flexible urethane coating

ArmorTrack for decks - multi layer apartment building with decks and railings

ARMORROOF: Specialty roof coating products for significant life extension of roofs

AR-ArmorRoof Balcony - white balcony with glass railing

DECK MEMBRANE COATING: Flexible  Membrane coating for balconies, decks, parking areas

INDOOR/OUTDOOR EPOXY: Water-based super low VOC epoxy

GHOSTSHIELD: Penetrating densifiers and sealers for concrete