For over 25 years Armorpoxy has been supplying large and small corporations, homeowners, industrial and government agencies with high performance industrial floor coatings. Armorpoxy’s products and services are unmatched in the industry. ArmorPoxy carries innovative floor primers for epoxies, indoor and outdoor coatings to make purchasing and installation of your residential or commercial project fast and easy. Contact Armorpoxy’s experienced staff to help you choose the correct product for your application and budget.  

Why Primer Matters

Primer serves as the crucial foundation of any successful epoxy flooring system, playing a pivotal role in achieving long-lasting results. Here's why using primer is essential:

  • Enhanced Adhesion: Primers create a strong bond between the substrate (the surface being coated) and the epoxy or coating. This bond ensures that the coating adheres securely, preventing issues like peeling, bubbling, or delamination over time.

  • Surface Preparation: Primers are designed to prepare and condition the substrate. They fill in surface imperfections, seal porous areas, and create a uniform surface. This step is vital for ensuring a smooth and even finish.

  • Improved Durability: The right primer enhances the overall durability of your flooring system. It acts as a barrier, protecting the substrate from moisture, chemicals, abrasion, and wear and tear.

  • Reduced Maintenance: By using a primer, you're not only extending the life of your flooring system but also reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

ArmorPoxy's Primer Solutions

At ArmorPoxy, we offer a wide range of primers tailored to various applications and substrates. Here are some of our top primer solutions:

  • No Prep Primer: Ideal for busy industrial spaces, this primer requires minimal surface preparation, making it a convenient choice.

  • ArmorPoxy II & ArmorUltra Primer: These high-performance primers are designed for heavy-duty applications, providing exceptional adhesion and durability.

  • ArmorRenew Wood Primer: Specifically formulated for wood surfaces, this primer ensures a strong bond and protection against moisture.

  • Surface Bond Primer: For surfaces that demand superior adhesion, this primer is the perfect choice.

  • Flash Bond Primer: When time is of the essence, our Flash Bond Primer offers rapid curing, allowing you to proceed with the coating application quickly.

  • And More: Explore our complete range of primers to find the one that best suits your project's needs.


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