For over 25 years Armorpoxy has been supplying homeowners, small and large businesses, industrial and government agencies with high performance industrial tile coatings and sealrs. Armorpoxy’s products and services are unmatched in the industry. ArmorPoxy carries innovative tile coatings to make purchasing and installation of your residential or commercial project fast and easy. Contact Armorpoxy’s experienced staff to help you choose the correct product for your application and budget.  

Tile Floor Sealers & Coatings


Our tile floor sealers are specially formulated to penetrate deep into porous tiles and grout, providing a barrier against moisture and stains. Suitable for ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles, these products are essential for keeping tiled areas pristine and vibrant.


  • Moisture Resistance: Prevents water penetration and damage.
  • Stain Protection: Blocks stains from spills and chemicals.
  • Color Enhancement: Enhances natural color without altering the look of your tile.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistance: Keeps grout from harboring mold and mildew.


  • Armor Liquid Membrane
  • ArmorTrak 
  • Coval UTC 


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