Wood Decks

Wood Decks

ArmorPoxy offers high-quality deck paints and deck coatings. Without proper care, your wood deck will lose its luster and may even become a safety hazard. Staining, cracking, and splintering can cause your wood deck to break down and transform into more of an eyesore than an oasis. ArmorPoxy is proud to offer the high-quality deck paints and deck coatings you need to improve your existing wood deck or create a new one that you’ll love.

ArmorRenew Deck & Concrete Patio Resurfacer

If your wood deck is still structurally sound but in need of a revamp, ArmorPoxy’s AmorRenew Deck & Concrete Patio Resurfacer might be your solution. ArmorRenew consists of our proprietary blend of acrylic polymers and military grade resins engineered with concrete and stone powders, bonding agents, and silica additives. All of which work together to create an incredibly strong and long-lasting surface that is over 50x thicker than regular deck paint. Easily applied to any wood surface that is clean and dry, ArmorRenew deck coating requires only a roller or brush to transform your wood deck into like-new condition again.
ArmorRenew Concrete & Deck Resurfacer application

ArmorRenew Concrete & Deck Resurfacer

Clients love our ArmorRenew product because it saves them the money and hassle of completely replacing their wood deck. There’s no longer a need to repaint an old and splintery wood deck surface every 1-2 years. Within hours, your wood deck will be better than new with ArmorRenew, which fills in any existing cracks, spalls, fissures, and other imperfections. No special skills are required to apply! Our highly rated deck coating is available in 25 colors, so we’re confident you’ll find a match for your style and home.

AmorRenew Deck & Concrete Patio Resurfacer

ArmorDeck Industrial Strength Wood Stain

If you are looking for a superior deck stain that will seal your deck but allow the wood grain to show through, ArmorDeck is the product for you. Amorpoxy’s superior AmorDeck wood deck stain will also further fortify your deck against moisture and restore your wood deck to its former beauty. AmorDeck, a semi-transparent product that effectively protects and seals your deck, creates a higharmorrenew wood deckly durable surface that won’t peel or lift over time. Its semi-transparency allows the wood beneath to “breathe.” Within hours, you’ll have a beautifully stained wood deck that will stand the test of time. AmorDeck is not only great for restoring wood decks but will make your wood deck water resistant as well. The application of AmorDeck deck stain is a breeze, requiring no special skills at all and cleanup is made simple, using just a hose or broom.


BallistiX: The Ultimate Protective Sealer

BallistiX is a clear coating that can be applied to bare or polished concrete, wood, VCT, laminates, and virtually any surface! BallistiX prevents staining, makes cleaning and maintenance MUCH lower cost, and will enhance the color of your deck. The BallistiX system is tailored to provide a long-lasting, odor-free and chemical-resistant finish.

BallistiX Complete Floor Seal kit includes an acrylic primer to prime the floor and BallistiX NCO (satin finish) or Squire (gloss finish) ultra-protective sealer. Easy to apply with minimal surface prep.

BallistiX Protective Sealer

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice throughout the entire process of installing a new wood deck floor, from the design phase all the way through installation. We are excited to help you create the wood deck of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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