ArmorCover PVC Rubber Heavy Duty Floor Covering

Oil stained floors? Uneven floors? Can’t wait for dry time? No place to put your ‘stuff’ while you paint? High moisture? Not enough spare time? In a rush? Leaking fluids? Need a cushioned floor? We now have the answer… ArmorCover!

Great for garages, basement offices, kennels, factories, auto shops, lobbies, hospitals & health care facilities, elevators, laundry rooms, gyms & workout areas, waiting rooms and more!

Why buy from Armorpoxy?

-We are the largest online flooring distributor in the country, selling millions of square feet of flooring a month.
-Armorcover carries a 10-year warranty
-We guarantee our prices to be 5% lower than any competitor

Over the years we at Armorpoxy have taken thousands of calls from frustrated homeowners who desire a finished floor, but for various reasons don’t want to, or can’t paint or coat their floors. Oily garage floors, pitted garage floors, basements, fume issues, joint seams, inability to wait for epoxies to cure are all reasons for ArmorCover. Durable enough to be used in high-traffic Jetways at Los Angelas (LAX) Airport.

Now… ArmorCover to the rescue! ArmorCover is a super duty garage floor covering, 100% pure polyvinyl material that is available in four patterns… Ribbed,’ ‘Coin,’ ‘Diamond,’ and ‘Smooth.’ The ribbed design holds and channels water, snow, and mud into the ribs. The coin pattern is a more modern look. The diamond has an ‘industrial’ look. Easily cleaned with a hose and mild detergent, ArmorCover will stay new looking for many, many years on your garage floor. Our new clear/ribbed ArmorCover is great for protecting your tile or epoxy floor under the cars, but still allows the floor to show through.

ArmorCover is highly resistant to oil, antifreeze, gasoline, battery acid, and many other common fluids found in garages.

Armorcover is available in several thicknesses. We offer the Ribbed ArmorCover in two thicknesses ‘standard’ (.055 thickness, about the thickness between a dime and a penny) and commercial grade (.075 thickness, about the thickness between a quarter and a nickel). The coin and diamond patterns are  available in the commercial thickness and an Industrial (.085) thickness.

We also now offer newer versions in ribber/clear and diamond/metallic silver, and 12″ x 12″ self-adhesive ’tiles’.

Armorcover is available in a variety of standard stock widths/length combinations  (see online store) and ship promptly from our warehouse, or we can custom order desired lengths in standard widths of 7.5′, 8′, 9′, or 10′ (additional charges and lead times may apply)


This easy to apply material basically ‘rolls out’ onto your garage floor, giving it a clean, smooth look that will last for a lifetime. Easily installed in little time, ArmorCover is great for garages, kennel areas, mud rooms, trailer linings, entrance areas, and many other uses. ArmorCover can also be used to cover truck beds, SUV floor interiors and similar spaces where maximum protection is required.

For uneven floors with corrosion, pitting, seams, marks, holes, etc, we suggest that you fill these areas with our Cement Floor Patch. ArmorCover can be ‘joined’ at the seams with standard double-sided carpet tape, making your floor look ‘seamless.’ ArmorCover does NOT have to be glued to the floor. It ‘floats’ on your floor allowing for expansion and contraction with temperature variations.

Unlike epoxy flooring and coatings, using ArmorCover garage floor covering eliminates the need for any significant prep work. Simply sweep clean, fill in any holes or bumps, and then install. When you consider the time and labor involved in applying an epoxy floor, the cost of the ArmorCover is competitive with our Armorpoxy products.Available in 6 popular colors: Midnight Black, Sandstone, Racing Blue, Forest Green, Slate Grey, and Brick Red. Plus new Metalic Silver, and now Clear (Ribbed Only).