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We were called in by the owner of one of the Midwest’s largest Freightliner truck dealers. They needed a new floor that was easy to clean, durable and looked nice. After consultation and our explanation that an epoxy floor would require shutting down the shop for up to a week, the owner decided that a coated floor was simply not an option. After presenting SupraTile to them and testing a small area, they purchased 12,000 square feet to redo their shop. Their own men installed it over the weekend, and they had no down time at all. Yellow and Black tiles were used along with Dark Gray to delineate service and safety areas. A custom ‘Freightliner’ logo was supplied and installed to give the shop a professional look.


NJ Transit, the state’s exclusive mass-transportation authority needed a high performance floor for their Summit, NJ, train station, one of their busiest which has direct service into NY City.

The existing tile floor had failed, and needed replacement, and had become a trip hazard, in addition to it being cosmetically worn and tired.

Requirements included zero downtime for the passengers, no odor/no voc’s, low maintenance, and super fast installation for a major PGA golf tournament nearby that was fast approaching. ArmorPoxy recommended our Design Series SupraTile which has a built-in integrated clear urethane protective layer, and had been proven in high traffic areas such as supermarkets.

ArmorPoxy supplied the materials to the NJ Transit installers who with a qualified team installed over 10,000 square feet in a single day. Pedestrian traffic was routed around areas being worked on, and as soon as those areas were completed, they were reopened to the public. Other than a few cones and yellow hazard tape put up temporarily there was zero disruption of the facility.

The station was reopened the next morning, and tens of thousands of customers easily got to the PGA tournament safely, and on a bright, new floor.

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We were contacted by a large Ford Dealer in Northern, NJ. They keep a very clean and modern-looking facility, and had been painting their floors with epoxy every 2-3 years with unsatisfactory results. Upon researching SupraTile, they engaged us to supply the flooring and arrange installation. We started the project at 8am, and had 95% of the floor completed and edges trimmed and installed by 6 pm. During the installation, the staff was walking on the floor and able to get to their computers on the service write-up pods. The following day we completed final trimming and adjustment, and installed commercial-grade cove edging. See time-lapse video link to see the actual installation below!



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SupraTile was contacted by a private indoor volleyball club in Texas. The club rented a gym full time from a church and the church did not want the old tile removed due to asbestos issues, and disturbing the floor from the removal process. The existing floor was old VCT vinyl tiles from the 70′s, and was badly in need of replacement. When they investigated the cost of removing the old tiles, grinding of the adhesive, downtime, mess, etc, they started to explore other options. Upon discovering SupraTile, they evaluated samples we provided, and after exhaustive evaluation when comparing cost, ‘playability’, ease of installation and all other factors, they chose the SupraTile 7mm Full Dovetail Joint in a custom taupe-brown color. The club members installed the floor over a weekend, and then masked off and painted on lines, and they were back in use in about 2-3 days!

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Local US Post Office in Ventura, Iowa contacted us regarding their flooring needs. Epoxy was ruled out due to long prep and cure time, and the inability of customers to get their mail if the floor was wet.

Postal Authorities chose the 6.5mm T-Joint in Medium Gray due to the ease of cleaning and non-skid surface texture. Job completed in four hours with zero downtime since while the floor was being installed customers could walk on/over the surface and around the installers.