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Best Preparation Methods For An Epoxy Floor Coating

You have decided to use an epoxy coating on your concrete floor. The next order of business is to decide what floor preparation method should be used. There are several different methods to prepping for a floor coating. Preparation of your floor is the most important step! In this article we will explain the different […]

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How To Apply Decorative Colored Flakes Evenly?

Decorative colored flakes (sometimes also known as chips or flecks)  add color, texture, and visual appeal to your floor coating. If you have never worked with epoxies and colored flakes before we suggest you give this article below a read to ensure you know how to properly apply colored flakes on your epoxy floor coating. […]

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Benefits of Interlocking Floor Tiles

Jan 05, 2021 |   Author: Tom

When it comes to options for fixing an ailing floor, there are a number of things for property owners to consider. For example, you have the choice of resealing a floor with an epoxy floor coating of some kind, or putting down some simple interlocking floor tiles over an existing floor, whether that’s concrete, wood, […]

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Why Epoxy Resin Can Turn Yellow

Nov 25, 2020 |   Author: Tom

If you have had any experience working with epoxy resin products, you have most likely noticed that it can tend to yellow over time. While this discoloration isn’t necessarily a sign of a problem, it may be an undesirable outcome. Understanding why epoxy can yellow is the first step to making sure your project retains […]

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What does a CSP mean?

Nov 19, 2020 |   Author: Tom

How do you pick the best epoxy coatings for your concrete floor projects? We’ve talked quite a bit in recent posts about how to prepare floors, and how to evaluate when to coat them and which products to use. For the novice or first time DIYer it can be a little intimidating if you don’t […]

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