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Seasonal Roof Coatings

Nov 16, 2018 |   Author: Dan Blum

Rain, wind, sleet, ice and snow all take their toll on the roof, no matter what material was used to create it. Whether for the roof that protects your home, or the roof on a commercial building, consider a coating to extend the life of the roof and protect the inside of the building.

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Feb 16, 2018 |   Author: Dan Blum

We often get asked what epoxy flooring costs? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as projects are often not alike but we’ve been doing this for a long time so we can offer some rough guidelines. In order to determine epoxy floor costs and budgets, consider the following: What is on the floor now, any […]

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Happy Armorclad Customer!

Oct 04, 2017 |   Author: Dan Blum

See post below from one of our happy customers who purchased Armorclad Garage Flooring: I finally put down the armorpoxy I purchased in the sale last Thanksgiving! Got this done over 3 days from Sept 20-22. Whew! And it looks fantastic! The first photo is before the epoxy. The concrete was poured in 2008 and […]

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Jun 09, 2017 |   Author: Dan Blum

Mold: Causes and Prevention While it might sound relatively benign, mold growth is a large and widely-occurring problem that can lead to various complications for both health and home.  There are many issues rooted in mold, but often it goes unnoticed, and once identified can be challenging to remove. In order to reduce the chances […]

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