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Why Do Epoxies Make For Great Garage Coatings?

Jun 03, 2020 |   Author: Tom

If your garage floor is not appealing , old, damaged, or stained and you are looking to redo your floors you may want to think about using a high-grade epoxy coating solution. Epoxy floors can leave your garage looking like a finished showroom, and protect it from the elements. Many people have misconceptions about epoxy […]

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Checking Your Concrete for Moisture

May 11, 2020 |   Author: Tom

At ArmorPoxy, we deliver ‘install-ready’ kits to help you install excellent new durable floor coatings. Our coatings can make your concrete floor look like a million bucks. For walkways, recreation areas, and other interior and exterior spaces, our products are manufactured from the highest quality mil-spec resins and raw materials which yield maximum performance in […]

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Epoxy floors provide an array of different styles, colors, and customizations. However, epoxy floors also vary in thickness, and in most cases, this is overlooked. This is usually because not many people and installers are talking about epoxy floor thickness, so there is little information available about it. Most epoxy companies don’t even give you […]

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Floor Coating Industry – Shift Towards Green Buildings

The market forecast by Acumen Research and Consulting The demand for green buildings is increasing at a rapid rate, which complements conventional structures.  The shift towards the use of the green buildings is finding intrusion into the economy, due to several factors associated with adopting these kinds of structures. Among them include efficient utilization of […]

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