Grind & Seal Concrete Floors

Not every concrete floor is suited for polishing. Grind & Seal is an economical and effective method for strengthening and beautifying concrete floors in homes, garages, retail stores, showrooms, manufacturing plants, and institutional facilities.  ArmorPoxy offers Grind & Seal for concrete floors to customers within the New York Tri-State Area.

ArmorPoxy’s experienced team can use the Grind & Seal method to remove an old coating and replace it with a new epoxy sealant that will strengthen and protect your floors. Grind & Seal is also a great way to add color and shine to a concrete floor.

Whether your floor is right for a Grind & Seal depends on the age and quality of the concrete floor and how it was installed.

How Grind & Seal Works

Grind & Seal is a fast and simple way to fortify your concrete floor and enhance its appearance. If the floor has an existing coating, it will need a surface grinding to remove the coat.

First, the concrete is ground with coarse grit. Then, it is ground with fine grit. This exposes cracks and scratches. Next, the floor is filled with concrete filler to seal cracks and imperfections in the surface. Dust, debris, and grease spots that have soaked into the concrete floor over time are also removed. Then, the surface is cleaned and allowed to dry.

Protect Your Concrete Floor with a Sealant

Once the grinding process is complete and the surface is clean and dry, a clear topical epoxy sealant is applied to protect and shine the concrete surface. Sealant makes the concrete’s surface impermeable to water and bacteria, and increases durability. Different coatings can be used to create a distinctive look with matte, natural, wet, or high-gloss finishes.

The epoxy sealant also meets the functional needs of different facilities. For industrial and manufacturing facilities that work with chemicals, the epoxy coating will prevent chemicals from being absorbed by concrete and permanently staining the floor.

Food service businesses including restaurants and cafeterias also benefit from the Grind & Seal method as grease, bacteria, and food particles won’t be able to penetrate the epoxy sealant. This helps food service facilities maintain a sanitary environment with an appealing look.

Beading and grit can be added to make surfaces slip resistant. This is especially helpful for high traffic areas and retail locations where customers are vulnerable to slips and falls after entering the facility when it’s raining. This also works well for residential garages and commercial parking decks.

Grind & Seal is a simple, fast, and affordable service that makes your concrete floor easy to clean and maintain a high-quality appearance. Contact ArmorPoxy at 888-755-7361 to talk with one of our specialists and find out if Grind & Seal is right for your concrete floor.