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Armorpoxy offers the industry’s most complete array of interior coating solutions and products. Unmatched by anyone in the industry, Armorpoxy’s proven line of products is the best choice for virtually any project.

Job on a Pallet Kits

Job on a pallet kits come in two systems ArmorPoxy II & ArmorUltra. The Job on a Pallet Kit is a complete ready-to-install coating kits including all necessary tools and prep materials for the professionally installed floor at up to one-quarter the price of using a contractor. Build your kit with our ‘Kit Builder’ and pay for only exactly what you need. Our most popular product for garages, basements, and similar projects. Complete kits contain everything needed for a professional installation. Thousands of available color combos offered


Armorclad Epoxy Kits

ArmorClad is our solid 100% epoxy kits perfect for garages, basements, shops, and other interior usage. ArmorClad is very easy to apply. All Master Kits include prep/etching solution, mixing bucket, mixer, cut in brush, rubber gloves, topcoat (optional), non skid additive, roller pad, decorative flecks, application squeegee, and complete instructions


SupraTile Interlocking Floor Tiles

Heavy-duty industrial grade PVC solid and decorative look loose-laid tiles. Great for virtually any use: garages, storage areas, hangars, warehouses, plants, factories, auto shops, loading docks, offices, gyms, trailers and more. Manufactured from the highest quality, industrial grade base materials. Easy to install with just a rubber mallet and a pair of snips or small electric saw to trim around edges.


SPGX Ultra Fast Epoxy System

SPGX is a unique one-part, (no mixing) super fast-curing  Polyurea coating. SPGX Polyurea has the advantages of paint, but with a performance that is equal to, or exceeds that of military-grade urethanes. Ideal for where dry times are an issue as SPGX cures in just 3-4 hours for foot traffic. Ideal for garages and other applications where users are unable to leave their possessions outside while awaiting the overnight cure times of multi-layer epoxy systems.


ArmorTallic Metllic Epoxy System

Our metallic epoxy systems that make your floor pop. Armortallic is normally installed as a 3-layer system of contrasting pigmented epoxy primer, 100% solids clear epoxy with metallic pigment additive, and clear protective topcoat. Easy to apply. Armortallic is only limited by your imagination, and you can use more than one metallic color at a time to create amazing and creative floor surfaces.


Vinyl Floor Coating

With Vinyl Floor Coating the best step you can take to create the most durable and toughest flooring for your project is to apply ArmorPoxy’s innovative Vinyl Floor Coating System. Unlike traditional vinyl coating which simply dries on the surface it is applied to, Armorpoxy’s BallistiX coating is a new clear Silicone-Ceramic-Silane-Hybrid coating offering incredible performance unlike anything currently available.

BallistiX VCT Floor Coating Kit

BallistiX The Ultimate Protective Sealer

BallistiX is a new clear Silicone-Ceramic-Silane-Hybrid coating offering incredible performance unlike anything currently available, but at a competitive price and with easy installation. BallistiX is a clear coating that can be applied to bare ceramic, concrete, polished concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, urethanes, metallic epoxy, marble, stone, tile VCT, laminates, and virtually any surface. Ideal for epoxy countertops and coated floors.

BallistiX Protective Coating


PVC Rubber Flooring that simply rolls out. There is no adhesive necessary. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to clean. Ideal for floor protection for garages, mud rooms, kitchens, basements, offices, kennels, factories, auto shops, lobbies, waiting rooms and more!



Armorcarpet is a unique, modular elevated interlocking carpet tile system designed for indoor or outdoor applications. Perfect for poor quality floors, moisture-plagued floors, decks, garages, basements, patios and more. Armortile is a GREAT solution for peeling decks or patios that won’t hold paint, or need constant repainting, or are splintering. Perfect for garages too and can withstand 16,000 lbs per square foot



Ghostshield has pioneered advances in nanochemistry to become a leading manufacturer of commercial strength concrete densifiers and sealers, with a commitment to quality, service and sustainability. Ghostshield densifiers and sealers are the world’s leader in industrial/military-grade nanotechnology sealers and densifiers.

Technical support

We offer every client unlimited technical support and advice! We are excited to help you create the floor of your dreams! Contact us today to explore the options available to you.

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