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Indoor/Outdoor Epoxy

Indoor/Outdoor epoxy is blended from proprietary resins, so it can be used outdoors! This 32% solids formation is both fast drying and has a longer working time than our standard epoxy products. Low VOC product meets all regulations in the U.S and Canada. Available in 3 colors. Clear color covers less area.

Specially formulated Armorpoxy I/O water-based 2-part epoxy is ideal for use in a variety of areas where traditional epoxies may not be suitable, or a lower cost epoxy is desired.

I/O is blended from proprietary resins so it can be used outdoors, unlike standard epoxies which cannot be. I/O is fully UV stable and won’t degrade or chalk in outdoor use. For indoor applications I/O is ideal for basements, schools, hospitals, veterinary and medical clinics and similar applications where a very low VOC coating is required. Can be applied to concrete with limited prep, and no grinding or etching required except if the surface is burnished or polished. Can be applied to asphalt, concrete, brick and paver driveways, porches, steps, pool decks, patios, and thousands of other similar applications.  Can also be applied to previously applied coatings.

I/O can be used on roofs as a roof coating, going over most common roofing surfaces including TPO, EPDM, asphalt, bitumen, aluminum and sheet metal.

1-2 coats of Clear I/O will give the floor a ‘polished concrete’ look at an economical price.

VOC is less than 50g/l, meeting the most stringent California environmental laws in all CA counties.

Can be used on steps, porches, roofs, garages, basements, asphalt and concrete driveways, floors, balconies, and virtually any surface needing a super high-performance coating at an economical price. 32% solids formulation. Fast drying (2-3 hours per coat and can be open to foot traffic in just hours).

I/O can be used with our without decorative flecks.

I/O can be easily made into garage kits or Job on Pallet commercial sized kits, please contact us for a quote.

Available in three colors Gray, Beige and Clear (satin finish). Gray and Beige are packaged in 2.5 gal size with coverage 250-300 sq ft/gal and two coats of pigmented I/O are recommended. Clear I/O is available in 1.5 gal size with coverage of 300-400 sq ft/gal. Please note that the clear has a slight amber cast to it so to avoid any minor ambering of surface apply clear thinly. I/O is a 2-part product and comes in pre-measured containers for easy mixing by simply pouring the Part B into the Part A container, and then mix well.  Thickness 3-5 mils wft/coat. Long working time of approximately 1 hour in normal temperatures. Fully compatible with all ArmorPoxy non-skid additives for adding of slip resistance.  Easy to apply with a brush or roller.

Base colors



Medium Gray