Floor Tile/Mastic Removal

Floor prep is the most important part of the floor coating process and repairs need to be made prior applying any floor coating or installing any new tile. Whether you are installing new tile or beautifying a concrete floor, preparing the existing surface by removing mastic, glues, and adhesives is critical to ensuring a smooth and durable finish. If you apply a new floor coating or install tile on top of an untreated surface, the application will be uneven and the installation will look unattractive.

Removing tile, mastic, or other adhesives from a floor is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and potentially hazardous job. That’s why Armorpoxy offers floor tile and mastic removal services for local projects in the New York Tri-State area. We’ve got the pros and the products for easy removal of floor tile and mastic.

Floor Tile Removal

Cleanly removing floor tile makes it easier to properly prepare the underlying surface and install new tile or coat an exposed concrete floor. There are several steps involved in protecting your floor, and the people in your home or facility. Floor tiles are secured with industrial adhesives and cement that release hazardous fumes when they are removed. A trained professional can ensure your home or building is properly ventilated and the floor tile and adhesives are safely removed.

Floor Mastic Removal

Mastic is a resin-based adhesive that is used to set tile. Because mastic sometimes contains asbestos, it must be carefully removed and disposed of. Armorpoxy’s trained professionals use our specially formulated, soy-based mastic remover to separate mastic from concrete surfaces. This environmentally safe liquid softens mastic, adhesives, and glue from concrete, tiles, and carpet, allowing for easy removal and disposal without harmful fumes. Armorpoxy takes every precaution to limit the spread of dust in your home or building and safely dispose of floor tile and mastic from the premises.

Once properly prepped, your floor is now ready for the application of any of our concrete floor coatings or concrete floor sealant products. We can guide you with advice and numerous options to strip, clean and repair your concrete floors prior to coating. Contact Armorpoxy today at 888-755-7361 to schedule your floor tile or mastic removal service.