Bath and Kitchen

Armorpoxy offers a wide array of refinishing products for your bathroom, kitchen and more! Refinish at a fraction of the cost of remodeling!

Epoxy Coatings, ‘granite look’ resurfacing, recolor your old, tired tile and grout, and make your home into a showpiece!

Give new life to your old tub, sink, countertop, and tilework. Make them look brand new! Achieve incredible results for 95% less than Remodeling!

Renew & Refinish: Counters, Bath Tubs, Kitchen, and Tile Floors


Refinish your tile floors, bathroom and kitchen with Armorpoxy!

Give new life to your old tub, sink, countertop, and tilework. Make them look brand new! Achieve incredible results for 95% less than Remodeling!  Click below to watch the video!


We offer commercial refinishing kits for virtually any application. See photos below of actual photos sent in by our customers!

Armorpoxy offers a wide array of bath and kitchen refinishing products to make your project look brand new, at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Great for updating your home for a quicker sale, or a ‘freshening up’ instead of spending thousands!


Resurfacing TUBS, SINKS, SHOWERS & SHOWER SURROUNDS. Use our ARMORPOXY BATH, SINK & TILE REFINISHING KIT. This complete kit is specially designed for both ‘wet’ and dry areas, and can withstand many years of constant use. Kit contains everything you need for a beautiful job that gives a porcelain-like finish in just a few hours. Great for old tubs and showers, or to change an old, ugly color from the 50′s, 60′s or 70′s. . Kit contains enough  product to refinish a bath tub, tub surround or about 75 square feet. For tub & surround combo 2 kits are required. A standard bath ‘makover’ requires 3 kits normally.  Hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s should use our ArmorPool 2-part epoxy paint which is designed for the higher temperatures found in them.

Resurfacing countertops, backsplashes, and other similar areas, we recommend ArmorGranite. ArmorGranite makes counters, floors and walls look like natural stone! Available in a variety of gorgeous colors. Can be used on floors too, and is available in an outdoor-compatible version.

For floors, locker rooms, pool areas, and more, use ArmorStone, our famous ‘Stone in a Can’ coating. Can be made to look of actual tile with the use of our simple Grout Line Tape.

Tile floors can be easily recoated with Armorpoxy IIArmorGranite, or ArmorStone. Tile should be lightly sanded or washed down with diluted muriatic acid and rinsed, for proper coating adhesion.

Resurfacing COUNTERTOPS & CABINETS. Laminate (Formica brand and similar) countertops can be refinished with ourArmorpoxy Bath, Sink & Tile Refinishing KitArmorGranite, or ArmorStone. For these surfaces clean well and apply. Lightly sand first. After application you must use a hot plate and cutting board as any coating can be damaged by sharp objects if abused.