Armorpoxy surface grinder is revolutionizing the surface preparation industry. The Armorpoxy surface grinder will cover more square feet in less time with less effort, resulting in maximized comfort and increased productivity. The ergonomically designed system allows the user to grind in a upright position, helping to eliminate fatigue, backaches, and job site injuries. The Armor Surface Grinder is a great tool for refinishing floors in occupied areas where you need to ‘work around’ existing equipment and operations. It’s low cost allows for justification for most any application. One Grinder can do 2,000-4,000 square feet in a day depending on concrete density and surface texture and the use of the proper automatic self-cleaning vacuum (normal inexpensive shop vacs will to lose suction quickly due to the fine micron size of concrete dust). The 110 volt ArmorPoxy grinder is equipped with the patented Dust Grabber shroud. The Dust Grabber™ allows the grinder to move effortlessly across the floor like a “puck on ice” with no suction lock to slow you down. Comes equipped with gas filled shocks to ensure level grinding, a 6000-RPM high speed industrial-grade grinder, a 12 segment diamond grinding wheel, two five inch non marking swivel caster wheels,150-watt halogen light, and a two inch vacuum port. The Armorpoxy Surface Grinder is the only surface grinder equipped with the patented Dust Grabber dustless shroud. The Dust Grabber™ allows the Armorpoxy Edge Grinder to float across the surface with out creating suction lock to slow you down. The Dust Grabber eliminates 100% of suction lock, captures 99% of airborne dust, and cuts shroud replacement cost by 75%. The replaceable polymer seals are quick and easy to replace and do not require the diamond wheel or shroud to be removed. In less than a minute the seal is replaced and your back on the job. The best part of all the Dust Grabber steel shroud has a lifetime replacement warranty. High performance vacuum additional.