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Archive / June, 2023

Epoxy Floor bring Creativity and Fun in Retail Floor for Brand Owners

Epoxy flooring is a unique and innovative way to create unique creativity and space on the retail floor. With its versatility, durability, and customization options, epoxy can transform a mundane floor into an engaging and visually striking one. The aesthetic floor enhances the brand experience and the customer experience. This article explores the creative and […]

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Effective Solution for High-Traffic Retail Environment

A high-traffic retail environment refers to a commercial space that experiences a significant number of customers daily. Such busy retail establishments as shopping malls, departmental stores, supermarkets, or popular designer boutiques are commercially busy. High traffic or high foot traffic poses unique challenges for retailers, requiring them to address issues like durability, safety, efficiency, and […]

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The role of Flooring in Branding and Store Identity for Retailers

The highly competitive world of retail requires a unique and memorable brand identity for crucial success. Many retailers focus on visual elements like logos and signage. However, one aspect is overlooked in the role of flooring, i.e., brand identity. In this article, we will explore how the flooring of a retail sector contributes to branding […]

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Maintenance of Interlock Tile on Retail Flooring

Maintenance of retail flooring is essential for customers and businesses. For the retail builder owner, the first impression of cleanliness is highly important as it keeps the customer aware of the brand identity and ensures health and safety as well. For the interlocking tiles on the retail flooring, cleanliness and maintenance are highly essential. Here […]

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