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Archive / December, 2023

Safety Features of Epoxy Flooring in the Factory Workplace

In the dynamic landscape of modern factories, there is heavy machinery, foot traffic, and potential hazards, prioritising workplace safety. There is no negation of workplace safety. It is one of the integral components of maintaining a safe working environment, especially on the floor. Epoxy flooring has unique properties that customise the features and enhance workplace […]

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Increasing the Value of Epoxy in Factory Flooring

The factory environment is a dynamic landscape with machinery combined with heavy foot traffic and chemical exposure on a daily basis. Factory floors demand a perfect balance between affordability and durability. Epoxy flooring has gained prominence in the industrial sector due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness. Epoxy flooring delivers robust performance within budget-friendly criteria. In […]

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Step-by-step DIY Tea Coaster Project

A DIY project is an interesting activity, and it has the opportunity to open up the creativity and craftsmanship of the individual. DIY with resin is an endless source of creativity and activity. One can make so many products and crafts from resin and make them memorable items. In the article, we will take you […]

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A Guide to Epoxy Resin in Woodwork Repair and Enhancement

Woodwork is one of the most sustainable industry practices in the world. Woodwork accounts for more than 80% of the construction work and transforms the game in the real estate sector. Similarly, epoxy resin is also known for its transformative capacity in the woodwork industry. Epoxy resin offers a range of possibilities for repairing, enhancing, […]

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