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Archive / October, 2023

The Future of Educational Flooring: Smart, Interactive and Dynamic Solution

There is no doubt that technology is continuously growing and expanding. As technology continues to shape the world around us, it is also influencing the educational sector. One area where technology continues to bring innovation is flooring. Educational flooring continues to grow with smart and interactive designs to enhance the learning experience. Educational flooring has […]

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ArmorPoxy Coatings for Educational Facilities

When it comes to flooring options and solutions for educational facilities, durability and safety are paramount. The heavy foot traffic, frequent movement of furniture, and wide range of activities call for flooring options that can tackle such conditions. This is where armorpoxy coatings come into play, offering a robust and long-lasting floor solution tailored to […]

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Resin Epoxy Flooring for School and Universities

We know that when it comes to designing educational spaces for students, central flooring is often not noticed. Schools and universities need to have the right type of flooring to promote the learning attitude and reduce the maintenance cost of the floor as well. The right flooring is a powerful tool in setting the building’s […]

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Impact of Classroom Flooring on Learning

Education floor spaces require some attention and focus. When designing the floor of the educational building, it is important to consider the impact of the floor on the students and other people. However, the construction side always fails to notice the classroom flooring due to cost restraints and other limitations. Classroom flooring is very important, […]

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